The BIG platform

Founded: 2012


Services Provided:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Strategic Business Development

Company Profile:

Health Outcomes Worldwide (HOW), believes in a day when people suffering from chronic wounds is a thing of the past. And if they do occur, then individuals will receive timely best practice interventions so that they can heal as quickly as possible.

HOW provides desktop and mobile e-health solutions to assist healthcare organizations to deliver better patient outcomes and reduce costs. Their innovative platform – how2trak® – provides real-time, point-of-care tools to clinicians at the bedside for treating wounds, and keeping track of surgical incisions post-discharge.

The Challenge: 

HOW came to BIG with the best software solution available in their industry. Their technology provides desktop and mobile e-health solutions to assist healthcare organizations in delivering better patient outcomes while reducing the cost of care. The problem with most new technology, especially in the medical space is that it still needs to be proven, and the sales cycle is typically long. In HOW’s case, the sales cycle at the time was up to 2-years long. The longer sales cycle made it difficult for HOW to both bring their product to market and to keep their business funded so it could grow.

The Solution: 

HOW already had proven and working technology, what they didn’t have was a proven system to sell that technology, or the positioning, systems, or partnerships to allow them to sell that technology more effectively. That’s where BIG came in.

How we did it


Corporate Finance

Shortened the companies 2-year long sales cycle and designed a strong financial narrative, making it more appealing to investors.


Strategic Business Development

Worked with HOW to strategically attract the right team members to both help better develop HOWs technology and improve client relations.


Corporate Finance

HOW came to BIG with an already proven and successful piece of technology. What HOW didn’t have was a narrative that allowed them to showcase that technology effectively, and a way to quickly show potential customs their return on investment when purchasing their technology.

How we did it:  

  • Clearly identified the primary market and their needs.
  • Designed a financial and corporate narrative that made HOW more attractive to both customers and potential investors.
  • Managed Due Diligence process for investment.

Strategic Business Development

HOW needed to find new ways to grow their business both through strategic initiatives and strong revenue contracts. BIG worked closely with the HOW team to develop a clear direction to focus on as a team while also recruiting the right staff to fill the needed gaps.

How we did it:  

  • Apply the BIG methodology to growth and team building.
  • Recruited technical talent and board members.
  • Implemented offsite quality and weekly management calls to help keep the company moving forward. 

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