The BIG platform

Founded: 2014


Services Provided:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Strategic Business Development
  • Management and Implementation

Company Profile:

Raptor Rig is an Oil and Gas company specializing in the creation of automated drilling and coil tubing rigs. The Raptor team is bringing 21st century automation to the Oil and Gas Industry for the first time, building Rigs that focus on employee safety, efficiency, and lowering the cost of extraction.

These drilling rigs represent the world’s first truly automated rigs, built from the founder’s decade of experience in the industry designing and building bleeding edge technology.

    The Challenge: 

    Raptor Rig was founded and started operations at the beginning of an oil and gas pricing slump. The market in North America began to disappear, significantly decreasing the ability to operate for many companies in the industry. For Raptor Rig the challenges of entering the oil and gas space increased dramatically as they required a significant capital investment in a market that was struggling to find its way forward in an economic depression.

    The Solution: 

    Raptor Rig had the talent, but they were not experienced in business. BIG and it’s partner Axial Energy Technology were brought in as founding partners on Raptor Rig, this provided Raptor Rig with a team capable of securing initial financing, and managing the business end of things, even in a struggling market. This allowed the team to focus on doing what they do best, and develop technology that would change the oil and gas industry. 

    How we did it


    Corporate Finance

    Funded and maintained a 65% ownership of the company during a downturn in the industry.


    Strategic Business Development

    Developed the financial narrative needed, so the team could focus on creating new technology. 


    Management and Implementation

    Facilitated and managed timelines for product development and partner relations. 


    Corporate Finance

    Raptor Rig needed to fund the development of new technology that would automate drilling and coil tubing rigs. Having founded and started operations at the beginning of an oil and gas pricing slump, Raptor Rig needed help navigating a challenging financial environment.

    What we did:

    • Found and closed key investors.
    • Managed all shareholder communications.
    • Managed Due Diligence process for investment.
    • Closed three rounds of Funding while maintaining 65% ownership.

    Strategic Business Development

    The Raptor Rig team was composed of well-known and skilled Engineers.  They knew that their vision would not only be possible but understood how it could change the industry. What they needed help with, was executing on the business side.

    What we did:

    • Developed a clear business and financial narrative.
    • Facilitated and manage relationships with key partners without diluting ownership of the company.
    • Manage contract negotiations with new clients.

    Management and Implementation

    Once Raptor Rig was funded, that’s where the real work began. BIG collaborated closely with Raptor Rig to help keep the team focused on developing the new technology, and the work needed to build new relationships with the major partners.  

    What we did:

    • Implemented the BIG methodology with management and all operational teams, keeping everyone focused and moving forward together.
    • Facilitated quarterly and weekly meetings to ensure team alignment.

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