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BIG has launched 26 successful ventures to date, all of which have been activated by our 3-step rapid growth process.

It’s how we turn visionary ideas into expertly crafted plans, and transform ambitious teams into well-oiled machines.

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Business Instincts Group thrives on transforming challenges that other venture growth labs shy away from. We breathe life into great ideas. Our proven abilities to formulate innovative solutions and grow industry-leading companies are comprised by a team of brilliant minds, bold leaders, intuitive methodologies and a desire to disrupt the impossible.

We pair RIPKIT, our proprietary business acceleration methodology with our team of world-class specialists in strategy, operations, technology, marketing, communications, creative and business development to produce game-changing processes into industry icons.

Our Services

Crafted to help you turn concepts into thriving businesses.

Mapping Pathways to Success:

Strategic Development and Planning

We integrate our proprietary RIPKIT process into strategic development and planning, offering a unique approach to articulate, document, and track long-term visions. RIPKIT, short for Responsibilities in Perspective, empowers businesses by breaking down big-picture strategies into actionable items, akin to KPIs but with added context and accountability.

Our approach is anchored in innovation, adaptability, and forward-thinking, guiding businesses to set clear objectives, define actionable goals, and implement strategies that drive sustainable growth.

Early-Stage and Strategic:

Business Development and Sales

We specialize in guiding early-stage ventures through the critical process of achieving product-market fit. Our team helps these companies identify market opportunities, forge strategic partnerships, and drive sustainable revenue growth. With tailored strategies, we assist in market research, customer validation, product development, and effective sales approaches. 

Through collaborative efforts, we support founders in refining their vision and achieving sustainable growth. Partner with us to navigate the path to product-market fit and drive success for early-stage ventures.

Fueling Growth and Innovation:

Capital Formation

We understand that capital formation is the lifeblood of business growth and innovation. It’s the process by which businesses accumulate financial resources to fuel expansion, invest in new technologies, and drive innovation.

Our expertise lies in guiding companies through this critical journey, ensuring they have the necessary resources to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

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Social media management is a crucial component of any modern marketing strategy and has a significant impact on the success of a business’ online presence.
A well-crafted communications and PR strategy can help a company to achieve its goals, and effectively manage its reputation and brand in the eyes of the public.
A comprehensive media relations plan enhances the company’s visibility, fosters positive relationships with journalists and influencers, and facilitates information to target audiences.
Effective digital marketing can help a company reach and engage its target audience across various channels, driving brand awareness and increasing customer acquisition.
Expert website management can ensure a company’s online presence is up-to-date, secure, and user-friendly, helping to enhance brand reputation and drive business growth.
Well-developed UI/UX can enhance a company’s digital products and services, making them more intuitive and user-friendly, and driving customer satisfaction and retention.
A professionally-produced video can effectively capture a company’s message and engage its target audience, helping to drive business goals and enhance brand recognition.
Motion graphics can add a dynamic and engaging visual element to a company’s messaging, helping to communicate complex ideas and stand out in a crowded marketplace.
High-quality copywriting can effectively convey a company’s message and value proposition, helping to build trust with target audiences and drive business results.
Implementing a strategic human resources plan helps optimize an organization’s workforce, attract top talent, foster a positive workplace culture, and drive the company’s success.
Efficient and effective administrative operations ensure smooth business processes, optimize resource allocation, streamline workflows, and ultimately achieve organizational goals.
Prioritizing customer success through a customer-centric approach helps drive customer loyalty, increase customer satisfaction, and lead to long-term business growth and success.

Leveraging a cutting-edge product suite.

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We believe direct collaboration with our clients is essential to bringing unique and engaging experiences to life. We help our clients solve business problems, increase visibility, and achieve unexpected results.
  • I just think it's a more efficient process that builds companies faster and just how fast our company has grown over the last nine months is proof that that this process is perfect for a company that trying to grow in a emerging industry.

    Hon. Edmund C. Moy


  • It's very important to make sure that while you're traveling a very lonely island road in your business endeavors to remain connected with a community of people who who get it, who understand you, and continue to support you despite all the adversities that you might face. That's something I really found with the Build team. They're they're just rockstar supporters; it's fuel for the tank to keep you going to realize there's other people who know that this is worth trying.

    Luke Gass


  • What I was introduced to in the RIPKIT process made a lot of sense. It's clear goals, it makes it very easy to actually visualize what's meant to happen over the next two, three months and I think it helps having that process down on paper in a tractable, measurable way. What the RIPKIT does is actually give you clear guidance on what the important things are, things you can't ignore because your percentages don't go up. For me, it really helps discipline me in the parts of the business that I don't like to do, but which are just as important as things I like to do.

    Eoghan O'Sullivan


  • The main reason that I went with the Build program is because of the support. In building Whoolias, I knew that it would be impossible for for any team that I could assemble to keep the ball rolling and keep the ball progressing, and with BuildImpossible the support was already included in the infrastructure. It just comes down to being able to augment as well as bring in support resources to be able to have multiple minds and people to actually cross-reference ideas, strategy, and start to bulletproof, whether it's product roadmap or product strategy, or go to market strategy.

    Tony Black


  • We connected with BIG and their incredibly passionate and efficient team got right to work, providing us with options and answering questions we hadn’t even yet thought of. We were both impressed and touched with how genuinely invested they were in helping us bring our vision to life and would recommend them to anyone!

    Dr. Chase and Brooke


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Jamie Clarke


Jamie’s diverse career in the startup ecosystem has empowered him to understand the intricacies of collaboration and innovation; he has a keen eye for great ideas, and is able to quickly discern whether a market is ready for a shift. His operational experience informs his ability to craft a compelling narrative around a company’s finances, metrics, and growth potential to win partners and investors.

As BIG’s Chief Operating Officer, Jamie works to set and achieve project goals, plans, and timelines. He works alongside BIG’s executive management team to provide visionary organizational leadership and ensure operational controls are adhered to, timelines are met, and objectives are exceeded. Jamie is co-author of The Sustainable Startup, which he crafted alongside Cameron Chell. The book provides startups the guidance and structure they need to scale their team and business.

Erika Racicot


Erika practices her passion for turning ideas into reality every day. As a founding partner and CEO at Business Instincts Group, Erika has invested the past 12 years on the strategic development and growth of a plethora of companies and partnerships. Her key strengths are building repeatable, scalable systems across operations, product development, marketing, and human capital.

Erika is also a core member of creating and growing the BIG RIPKIT methodology, a strategic planning tool that benefits entrepreneurs by advancing their ideas into actionable and profitable businesses.

Erika completed her Independent Corporate Directors Designation in 2015, and garners experience in both private and public company board governances. She currently acts on both boards of Business Instincts Group and Pounce Holdings Inc.

Cameron Chell


Cameron has been an entrepreneur since age 14, and has since spent his career growing a diverse collection of high-potential ideas into revolutionary companies that have changed the way we experience the world.

At BIG, Cameron takes a hands-on leadership position in projects, infusing his principles of clarity, alignment and measurement into the culture of every BIG partner.

Cameron’s leadership was critical to the success of Urthecast, which he co-founded, Cold Bore Technologies, Slyce, Raptor Rig, Trace and Trax. Most recently, Cameron has served as an advisor to KodakCoin, one of the first compliant crypto currencies developed in partnership between Business Instincts Group, WENN Digital and ICOX Innovations. In addition to his work with BIG, Cameron is a popular motivational speaker on topics including technology, culture and overcoming adversity.