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Jamie Clarke


Jamie’s diverse career in the startup ecosystem has empowered him to understand the intricacies of collaboration and innovation; he has a keen eye for great ideas, and is able to quickly discern whether a market is ready for a shift. His operational experience informs his ability to craft a compelling narrative around a company’s finances, metrics, and growth potential to win partners and investors.

As BIG’s Chief Operating Officer, Jamie works to set and achieve project goals, plans, and timelines. He works alongside BIG’s executive management team to provide visionary organizational leadership and ensure operational controls are adhered to, timelines are met, and objectives are exceeded. Jamie is co-author of The Sustainable Startup, which he crafted alongside Cameron Chell. The book provides startups the guidance and structure they need to scale their team and business.

Erika Racicot


Erika practices her passion for turning ideas into reality every day. As a founding partner and CEO at Business Instincts Group, Erika has invested the past 12 years on the strategic development and growth of a plethora of companies and partnerships. Her key strengths are building repeatable, scalable systems across operations, product development, marketing, and human capital.

Erika is also a core member of creating and growing the BIG RIPKIT methodology, a strategic planning tool that benefits entrepreneurs by advancing their ideas into actionable and profitable businesses.

Erika completed her Independent Corporate Directors Designation in 2015, and garners experience in both private and public company board governances. She currently acts on both boards of Business Instincts Group and Pounce Holdings Inc.

Cameron Chell


Cameron has been an entrepreneur since age 14, and has since spent his career growing a diverse collection of high-potential ideas into revolutionary companies that have changed the way we experience the world.

At BIG, Cameron takes a hands-on leadership position in projects, infusing his principles of clarity, alignment and measurement into the culture of every BIG partner.

Cameron’s leadership was critical to the success of Urthecast, which he co-founded, Cold Bore Technologies, Slyce, Raptor Rig, Trace and Trax. Most recently, Cameron has served as an advisor to KodakCoin, one of the first compliant crypto currencies developed in partnership between Business Instincts Group, WENN Digital and ICOX Innovations. In addition to his work with BIG, Cameron is a popular motivational speaker on topics including technology, culture and overcoming adversity.