The BIG platform

Founded: 2012


Services Provided:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Strategic Business Development
  • Management and Implementation

Company Profile:

Slyce is a visual search company that developed the Slyce Visual Search SDK, a plug & play mobile solution that wraps many advanced image recognition processes into one simple universal scanner.

Slyce’s visual search allows users to use image recognition to identify specific products, barcodes, and even search based on similarities to the original product scanned. 


  • Stevie Award (Startup of the Year)
  • Nova Scotia Economic Impact Award

The Challenge: 

Slyce was an idea that needed to be built from the ground up. As a company, Slyce had no team, no funding, and in the beginning not even a fully developed app. Having found a gap in the multi-billion dollar retail industry, Slyce needed to raise funds and manage investor relations, develop their business structure and financial model, as well as build a strong team along the way. But they didn’t have the experience or the team to make that happen.

The Solution: 

Being a pre-revenue business Slyce needed an established and proven system to help them facilitate and manage everything from securing financing, to developing their technology and acquiring clients. Using the BIG methodology we were able to plug in our proven strategies and team to help Slyce obtain financing, connect with larger retailers, and build their internal team. Eventually, BIG’s work made it possible for Slyce to become self-sustaining, and reach their goals.

How we did it


Corporate Finance

Facilitated and raised 40M in financing and took the company public on the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange.


Strategic Business Development

Facilitated and managed client relationships with major brands like Neiman Marcus.


Management and Implementation

Grew the Slyce team from 3 to 95, while also improving the visual search process.


Corporate Finance

With a goal to create intuitive visual search solutions for major retailers, Slyce started with just an idea. Bringing this idea to life meant that Slyce needed to facilitate and raise funds from investors as well as through federal grants and loans to physically create the app and hire key team members to grow the business.

What we did:

  • Facilitated and raised 40M in financing and took the company public on the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange.  
  • Managed all shareholder communications.
  • Managed Due Diligence process for investment.
  • Worked with government agencies to secure grants and loans to expand and grow the company.

Strategic Business Development

With the visual search industry being in its early stages, Slyce had the unique opportunity and challenge to be the first to deliver an intuitive application for both end users and retailers. With the success of Slyce being reliant on those experiences, developing those relationships and facilitating feedback would be crucial to their success.

What we did:

  • Facilitate and manage client relationships with major brands like Neiman Marcus, Home Depot, Urban Outfitters, JCPenny, and ToysRus.
  • Cold Calling and sourcing warm leads.
  • Demoing beta product for customers.
  • Negotiating Contracts.

Management and Implementation

To scale quickly, Slyce needed to keep its internal team focused and aligned, especially during significant transitions to keep Slyce ahead of competitors. We provided Slyce with a proven system to help them onboard new team members quickly without losing momentum.

What we did:

  • Built a team of 3 to 95, including initial management teams.
  • Implemented the BIG methodology with management and all operational teams, keeping everyone focused and moving forward together.
  • Facilitated quarterly and weekly meetings to ensure team alignment.
  • Integrated four acquired companies into already functioning teams, allowing Slyce to add new talent with fewer hurdles.

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